Krishna Bishop
September 21, 2022

Shackets have become an increasingly fashionable and convenient clothing option in recent years, but there are plenty of different styles for various occasions. So how can you choose the perfect shacket for your next outing or event?

Bloom & Wander’s shacket collection is constantly growing, and it contains examples suitable for everything from brunch to business meetings—so we’ve got plenty of thoughts on how to make the most of these garments. Read on to learn more about what defines a shacket, what kinds of shackets exist, and which ones you should try wearing next time you go out.

What Is a Shacket?

Shackets are a shirt-jacket hybrid, hence the name. Essentially, they are a heavier-weight shirt, which allows them to be worn like a jacket. Some other names you might see them called by are:

  • Shirt jacket
  • Overshirt
  • Chore jacket
  • Car coat

Whatever you choose to call them, these garments typically have an oversized fit, which makes them great for layering. And depending on the season, you can wear them as outerwear or as a warmer sweater.

What Are the Different Types of Shackets?

Most shackets look like your typical button-down shirt with a collared necked line. That said, with the increased popularity of shackets, there are tons of different styles to choose from.


The classic shacket is usually one solid neutral colour in a wool fabric. Shades of white, brown, grey, or black allow your shacket to go with pretty much anything, which is exactly what you want in a piece of outerwear.


The most popular pattern for shackets is plaid. Drawing from a classic flannel, these shackets perfectly complement a cozy fall look. But shackets come in other patterns as well—it’s not uncommon to see embroidered designs or even more adventurous designs like floral prints!


To avoid having an oversized shacket look shapeless, look for a belted shacket. A shacket with a belt in the middle helps define your waist and create a more put-together look. Some shackets come with removable belts too, so you can use your own to customize the way they look even further.


Your typical shacket is usually wool or flannel, which gives them that cozy feel. However, you can also mix up your shacket style by choosing one with sherpa, quilted, or even leather fabrics.

How to Choose a Shacket for Every Occasion

Running Errands

Shackets work great for almost any casual outfit. Since they’re oversized, they give any look an effortless feel.

Our Pick: You can choose almost any shacket for a laidback outfit. That said, for casual wear, you can’t go wrong with a classic plaid shacket, like the Serenade Coat in Blush.


For a typical brunch or daytime event, you want to look put together, but you can also have a bit more fun with your look. The shackets you’ll choose for this kind of outing will likely be similar to the ones you’d use for running errands, but can be slightly less conventional or more adventurous.

This is your chance to try a unique shacket in a fun pattern, colour, or fabric. A sherpa shacket or a shacket in a bright colour are two ways to try a new look.

Our Pick: The Shania Shacket in Oatmeal is a super cozy sherpa material, so it will keep you warm on chilly mornings.

Business Casual

Despite their oversize fit and generally-cozy vibe, shackets can definitely be dressed up to work for business attire. Look for a shacket in a neutral colour. Darker colours will typically look more formal, allowing you to choose an appropriate shacket for your workplace.

Our Pick: A shacket like the Joyce Shacket in Taupe can be business casual, as long as you pair it with the right outfit. With dress pants and a structured top, this shacket adds the perfect level of casual to business casual.

Business Formal

A dark solid colour instead of a pattern, like plaid, will help your shacket look more put-together. For added class, you can also choose a shacket with a belt.

Our Pick: The Cloudy Days Jacket in Camel is a neutral tan brown, which means it goes with everything. It’s also on the longer side for a shacket, giving you extra coverage and making your look more presentable for work.

Night Out

Depending on your night-out look, you can tailor your shacket to your look. That said, for a more dressed-up look, choose a shacket that is a solid colour. To match the rest of your outfit, you can choose a shacket in a neutral or go for a pop of colour.

Our Pick: The Axel Jacket in Soft Lime adds a fun pop of colour to a brunch look, without being overwhelming. It’s also made from soft corduroy, which adds some extra texture and makes it even more unique.

Formal Event

Because of their oversized fit, jackets are inherently more casual. Your shacket probably won’t work for a black tie event, but there are a few ways to make your shacket more formal.

Choose a shacket that is one solid, neutral colour like grey or black. Take it a step further by looking for classier fabrics, like a leather shacket.

Our Pick: You can also try a different style of jacket, like the Frankie Oversized Blazer in Emerald. This oversized blazer has the same baggy fit as a shacket, while having the more formal look of a blazer.

Find the Perfect Shacket for Your Look

Sometimes, you just need a second set of eyes on your outfit. For style advice and product information, the Bloom & Wander team is happy to help. Visit us in store, give us a call, or send us a message through our contact page. We can’t wait to help you look your best.